The 8th Annual Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup

Friday, September 28th to Sunday, September 30th 2018.


A HUGE Thank-You to one and all for coming out to this year's event!



2018 PMHC Entries & Cup Winners



A - Lindsay OG (Liberty Farms) - 2ND PLACE WINNER

B - King Tut (Quick Grow/A-Z Extracts)

C - Bubba (Continental Group) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

D - Death Kush (Continental Group)

E - Grape Pie (Phat Farmer) - 1ST PLACE WINNER



A - Super Silver Haze (Happy Dabber/Dave E) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

B - Lamb's Breath (Continental Group) - 1ST PLACE WINNER

C - Gorilla Glue (Continental Group) - 2ND PLACE WINNER

D - Hempstar (Herb 'n' Mores)



A - PG-13 (Herb 'n' Mores)

B - Black Diamond (Continental Group)

C - Scout Master (Continental Group)

D - Coffee Cake (Liberty Farms) - 2ND PLACE WINNER

E - 24K Gold (Private Grower) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

F - Wedding Cake (Phat Pharmer) - 1ST PLACE WINNER



A - Purple OG [BHO Live Resin] (Patients First)

B - Blueberry Nuken [BHO] (Terp King)

C - Super Silver Haze [Rosin] (Hev710)

D - Ultimate Purple [FFSE] (Continental Group) - 3RD PLACE WINNER

E - Black Diamond [Live Resin] (Haze Bros) - 1ST PLACE WINNER

F - The Black [FFSE] (Continental Group) - 2ND PLACE WINNER

G - Diamond Distillate [Death Bubba] (The High Guys)

H - LSD [FSE] (Kind)




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