When is the PMHC held?
Annually at the end of September or start of October.  This years event will be held from Friday, September 28th to Sunday, September 30th 2018.
What time does the event run?
Friday from 3:30pm - 12:00am, Saturday from 3:30pm - 12:00am, Sunday from 12:00pm - 6:00pm.
Is it open to the general public?
General entry is open to all who are 19 and older. Under 19 entry is allowed if permit holder is an MMAR, MMPR or ACMPR patient and accompanied by an adult.
Is smoking allowed?
Use of vaporizers or concentrate vaporizers is allowed in the venue. Combustible items, such as joints, bowls, ot tobacco can be smoked in our private outdoor smoking area located behind the venue.
What hotels or bed and breakfasts are nearby?
The venue is located in the Downtown core and minutes away from many hotels or bed and breakfasts. Detailed maps available on our Event Information page.
How many tickets and passes are for sale and how can I purchase one?
Due to venue size and Medical Cannabis supplies, there are a limited number of Judges and Weekend passes available for purchase online via our website or in person at Skunk Funk Smoker's Emporium. Full details are available on our Get Your Pass page.
Is the the venue accessible to patrons of reduced mobility?
Yes, with a separate ground-level VIP area complete with personal vaporizer access.
Am I able to bring my own personal medical Cannabis and/or Cannabis derived products?
Yes, it is encouraged that you bring your own if you are not a Judge's Pass holder. The event organizers, venue, sponsors and/or vendors will not be held liable for patrons who are not MMPR, MMAR or ACMPR permit holders and are found to be in violation of the laws, rules and regulations as stated under the Criminal Code of Canada.
Will there be vendors at the site?
Informational booths along with retail and hydroponic vendors will be on-site.
Am I allowed to take photos and videos during the event?
Yes, we highly encourage patrons to take photos and videos and to share them with others via our Photos & Videos page.
For any media or vendor/sponsorship inquiries, or if you have questions about anything we may have missed, feel free to check our Event Information page or send us a message.